About the company

Our company has been on the Ukrainian market for more than 12 years. We have gained our experience, improved our culinary skills, using new technologies and equipment in production and widening ready-made dishes and semi-finished products assortment. As a result the TM of Dobra Vecherya went upscale in Mykolaiv, Kherson, Kiev and Donetsk region.

Today we offer you a widest breadth of ready-made meat and semi-finished dishes of natural ingredients, which passed a strict quality control.

We cook our dishes only of fresh chilled meat of chicken, turkey, pork and beef from home manufacturer, and the technology of blast freezer allow us to keep its succulence and flavour.

The products of TM Dobra Vecherya are made according to home recipes, that’s why we try to make the taste and presentation of our dishes utterly home-made.

Our new products

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